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"My mission is to educate and promote wellness through prevention and dis-ease management; to help in developing your intuition for guidance and healing;
and assist in opening your heart to that sacred place inside you -
that place which bears the Infinite Being that you are."

Judith is also a romance author. Her debut novel,
One Chance, One Moment is available now -
a heartwarming story that is sure to touch your soul.
To learn more,
visit her author site

Learn weekly by joining the Intuitive Development
Circle - an open and free weekly group meet where you can learn, share and be among like-minded people. We also have a bi-monthly Reiki circle - another free meet for practicing practitioners and for those who wish to experience Reiki for the first time! For more information, click here!

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Come and journey with Judith on an open-heart adventure toward
self-discovery and transformation, a path of exploration that will lead you to the amazing natural abilities that live within you. True healing begins with you
...awesome you!

"To be or not to be
... that is the question."

William Shakesphere, Hamlet

Spiritual Growth & Development
Intuitive & Mediumship Training
Reiki & other Energy Healing Arts

Welcome! Judith Kohnen is a registered nurse and holistic practitioner of Healing Touch, Reiki, Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki, and other natural healing arts. She's also a certified spiritual counselor, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist and a medium.

She's here to help guide you in finding your own True & Sacred Self and to share the knowledge she's been gleaning while on a daily and continuous journey to her own Self. The time is now to embrace the creative energies and spiritual powers that live deep inside you!

"The Vision that you glorify
in your mind,
the Ideal that you
enthrone in your heart:
this you will build
your life by,
this you
will become."

- James Allen

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